Saturday, November 3, 2007

Latest news update


I suppose things are what they are and I’m not going to get any recognition on the major search engines just for this blog. However, I’ve got personal blogs on Blogger and Live Journal that both have links here, and they both appear in searches for people looking for the 516th Engineer Company reunion. There is a link in each of those that will bring people here.

In addition to those, I’ve also registered at and set up a
516th Engineer Company reunion page.
There are two messages I’ve posted there; one has a welcome message and the address for this blog, while the other message has a working link that will bring people here. If anybody has any ideas on what else to post there, please let me know. I figure it will mainly serve as a place for people to find the blog. However, it can do more, so if you have any ideas, let me know.

Also, if you're not familiar with,
the site has a Buddy Finder on its home page which lets you enter a name and branch of service to look up old buddies. I don't personally know how well that search works, but think it is a good tool if it can help find folks

And, finally, thanks to both Paul Coyne and my mom for expressing interest in posting photos from this year’s reunion here on the blog. As soon as I have the photos, I’ll get them posted. So, stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Updated: Roster of 516th soldiers

The following is a list of the former 516th soldiers who have cleared that their information be presented on this blog. This list will be updated as more former 516th soldiers approve their information.

The information is presented alphabetically and in the following format:
RANK (when with the 516th)
DATE SERVED (with the 516th)
Additional info (if provided)

Thomas H Collins
Pvt E2 to SPC/4
July 1960 - 1962
Operations Clerk

Paul F. Coyne
pvt e2 to SPC/4
Mar 1959 - Feb 1962
He was in the 1st platoon PB-31 bolt load

Gerald (Gerry) F Decker
E-2 To E-5 Sargeant
May 1960 To Sept 1962
He was in the 2nd platoon

Bobby C. Graham
July 1973 – Oct. 1976

Billy Kemp
Aug. 1961 – Oct. 1961
He was in the 814th in the same Battalion from Apr. 1959 – Aug. 1961, then transferred into the 516th.

Robert Koren
SGT, Squad Leader
1968 - 1970
He was previously in the 814th (1963 – 1967) AS SP/5 Senior Mechanic, left as SSG Motor SGT .

Clifford Madamba

James "Jim" Moltz

George L Montgomery
PVT E-2 to SGT E-5
Nov 1961 - Feb 1966

APRIL 1961 - NOV. 1963

Ron Pass
Pfc-SPC/4 (2nd Platoon, 1st Squad)
He was also station in the 814th (ribbon bridge) company in Virginia .

Ronnie J. (Joe) Smith
Feb. 1975 – 1977
He began as Operations Clerk with 516th, but in the middle of this tour, he also worked in S3 at HHD 559th Engr. Bn., then returned to 516th to become Asst. Squad Leader and Squad Leader.

1986 - 1992

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Okay, the blog is all set up

I've spent some time going over everything on this site to make sure it says everything it needs to. I've got the information posted on here about what the purpose of this blog is about and the "About me" part done so everybody knows who I am. I've even set up the full profile for the blog. Click on the last link on this page and read over it.

I'm not sure if I said it last week, but a blog is just a contraction formed from the words "web log." A web log is basically just a journal that is published on the web. It can serve a great role for sharing information to anybody connected to the web.

I'm also posting a second time so that anybody who is not familiar with how a blog works can see how additional posts are placed when they get added to the page.

If you didn't click on the enclosed link on the first post, which would have brought up an email message, I'll share the email address here with you. You can email me at

I'm sincerely wanting feedback from any of the former 516th members on how this blog appears to you. I'm serving your needs with this, so your opinion is what matters the most. Please either leave your feedback by clicking on the "Comments" link below or email me at the yahoo email address above.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome message

Hello and thank you for coming to the blog for the annual reunion of soldiers who have served with the 516th Engineer Company (Panel Bridge) in Hanau, Germany.

We have just concluded our fourth annual reunion in Pigeon Forge, TN, which was held at the Ramada Inn on Music Row. We will hold the 2008 reunion at the same hotel next year. If you were just here, thanks for coming. If you are a former U.S. Army soldier who served with this fine, military company and have not previously joined in the great comraderie and fellowship that we have at these reunions, please make plans to join us next fall. Stay tuned here for more details of the 2008 reunion as the dates are confirmed.

If you have any feedback, comments, or questions, I'd love to hear them. Please either share them by clicking on the comment link below, or if you'd rather, just
Email me!

Also, keep checking here for updates for news and photos from this year’s reunion.

In the coming days, the blog will be updated when I get the profile and setting all in place. I’ll be back soon with more information. Until then, at ease, soldier.