Monday, March 31, 2008

Updated: Former members of 516th Engr. Co. we are looking for


The purpose of today’s post is to list names and information of former members of the 516th Engineer Company that we are trying to locate. The post below will be an on-going list of men we are seeking to contact with news about our reunion group.

We hope that if somebody does a search for the 516th and/or a name they are looking for, they will find our blog. We want to help connect the former members.

To get this done, will need your input to help with the list.

If you know of somebody who served with you and can give a name, rank, dates with the 516th, home town, or other information that will help in finding them, then Email me at
With your information and I’ll add it to this post.

* * * *

Former members of 516th Engr. Co. we are looking for

**James B. (Pat) Patterson
Personnel clerk

Pat was from the St. Louis, Mo. Area, but I am almost sure that he has moved from that area. If anyone knows what state that he lives in now please let me know.

**James O Stanfield
Bridgeman and Truckdriver

From North Georgia Area

**Gary W Armstrong
Bridgeman and Truckdriver

Could be from, Iowa, Minnesota, or Missouri